Don't Get Caught In The Teachers Lounge

Written by Todd Strasser

Reviewed by Erick G. (age 10)

Well, this story is about three kids named Kyle, Dusty, and Wilson. They sneak in the teacher's lounge. They all say they well not get caught. So they steal sodas that the boys can not resist. They go for more but they get caught by these kids and now they have to give them some sodas. Read this book and find out what happens to the kids who were stealing sodas. Do they get in trouble again? This a very exciting book to read.

I like this book because Dusty can talk his way out of anything. He reminds me of my brother. He always talks himself out of trouble too. One time at my birthday, we were fighting to see who could break the pinata. So my mom asks who started it. I said he started it then he said it was me. Well, he makes this face and my mom believes him. That's why I like Dusty, he is just like my brother. I like this book because it's funny, especially when Dusty tries to get out of trouble.

I recommend this book to kids that like funny books. I recommend this book to my best friend Tony because he likes funny books. If you like to read about kids your age(11) than this is the book for you.

Erick G. is a student in Mrs. Vigil's 5th Grade Class