La Gallinita Roja

Written by Lyn Calder
Illustrated by Jeffery Severn

Reviewed by Erick B (age 9)

The little red hen lives with a cat, a dog, and a swan. One day the little red hen was going to the market when she found some wheat grains. The little red hen asked her friends if they wanted to help plant the wheat grains. She wanted to make some wheat bread but no one would help her. The little red hen did all of the work on her own. At the end of the story the little red hen did not share any of her wheat bread with her friends.

My opinion on this book is that I enjoyed the story. The Little Red Hen. I liked the book because of its illustrations and because the book also had a good lesson to be learned by all the people that read this book. After reading this book I felt really happy.

I recommend this book to everyone in the world. I think that everyone will enjoy reading this book. It is a book for all audiences.

Original Student Review In Spanish

La Gallinita Roja vivia con una gansa, una gata y un perro. Un dia que la Gallinita Roja iba al mercado se encontro unos granos de trigo. La Gallinita les pregunto a su amigos si querian ayudar le a sembrar los granos de trigo. Ella queria hacer pan de trigo pero nadien le queria ayudar. La gallinita hizo todo el trabajo sola. Al fin del cuento la Gallinita Roja no compartio el pan con nadien.

Mi opinion sobre este libro fue que me gusto el cuento de la Gallinita Roja. Me gusto porque tiene dibujos y tambien porque este libro tiene una leccion muy buen para todo quein lean este libro. Despues cuando lei este libro me senti contento.

Yo recomiendo este libro a todas las personas del mundo. Yo pienso que a todos quien lean este libro les va a gutar mucho. Es un libro para todas las audiencias.

Erick B is a student in Mrs. Serna's 3rd Grade Class