Henry and Mudge in the Family Trees

Written by Cynthia Rylant • Illustrated by Su?ie Stevenson

Reviewed by Jessica O. (age 8) and Brittany I (age 7)

Henry and their family got an invitation to their cousin?s house for a big family reunion. Henry got to shake a million hands. He didn?t know anyone. He was worried and kind of sad. Will he be shy of his cousins or will he get used to them? Read and find out.

We liked when Mudge got sloppy kisses from Henry?s cousins, because it was cute. It reminded Brittany of when her cousins gave her dog kisses. When Henry got an invitation, it reminded Jessica of her birthday party. We thought it was funny when the people danced and a lady danced with Mudge.

We think first and second graders should read this book. It is humorous and you will like it.

Jessica O. and Brittany I are students in Ms. Gallant's 1st through 3rd Grade Class