Captain Underpants

Written by Dave Pilkey

Reviewed by Christian G. (age 7)

This book is about two boys who turn their principal, Mr. Krupp, into Captain Underpants! Whenever someone snaps, he becomes Captain Underpants. But when you put water on him, he becomes Mr. Krupp. I recommend this book to anyone who likes funny stuff and surprises and UNDERWEAR!

Also Dr. Poopey Pants is Captain Underpant's enemy, and he wears a diaper. I think it's funny because why would an adult wear a diaper?

This book has a fliporama chapter. I like fliporama because when you flip it, it makes the characters move.

I like this book because it's funny. It's about underwear, and you know that some kids think underwear is funny.

Christian G. is a student in Karen's 2nd Grade Class