The Power Puff Girls Paste Makes Waste

Written by Laura Dower

Reviewed by Annie S (age 9)

Have you ever wanted to read a good book? I am going to tell you about this book. In this book the characters are Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Elmer. Elmer is eating glue. Buttercup throws glue at Elmer and everyone laughs. Elmer changes into a big glue man. Read this book to see how the story ends. You should get this book because it is a good book. Have you ever wanted to read a good book well then you should get this book. I recommend this book if you like fighting books. I recommend this book to kids that like The Power Puff Girls show.

My favorite part is the beginning because it is funny when Miss Keane said Elmer's name. I think the book is a good book because Buttercup wears a dress like me. I am like Buttercup because we both have a soft side and we both dislike boys.

Annie S is a student in Mrs. Lopez's 3rd Grade Class