Horrible Harry and the Green Slime

Written by Suzy Kline
Illustrated by Frank Remkieicz

Reviewed by Nikko B (age 8)

Don't get Harry wrong, he is horrible, but he sure is fun! When you look at Harry,you think he's just an average little kid. Just a plain, average boring, lonely kid. But he's not just plain, average, boring,or lonely. He has one true friend. If you don't think Harry's friendly,he is. Harry is fun because he's nice and he's happy to make skits, slime, and join in with secret pals,and more demonstrations!

I like the illustrations because they are colorful. I chose this book because it reminded me when I made green kool-aid popsicles. I liked this book because it was funny.

I recommend this book to people who like funny books.

Nikko B is a student in Mrs. Lopez's 3rd Grade Class