Babe The Sheep Pig

Written by Shana Corey
Illustrated by Donald Cook

Reviewed by Kamrie S (age 8)

Have you ever heard of the book Babe the Sheep Pig? Babe the pig , dropped eggs and they landed on him, he made a mess! He felt kind of weird. Then he dropped the milk, he made a bigger mess. He felt kind of weird there too! You should read this book to figure out the last problem, if he made a mess or if he was weird there or not. There are three characters in this story Babe the pig,the farmer,and the animals.

This book reminds me about when my dad took me to the farm. This book is special because there is a pig that can do smart things. I like this book because it is sad and happy. I like sad and happy books because somtimes I fell sad and happy too.

I will recommend this book to a person who has a barn, a pig and lots of animal because this book is about these three characters.

Kamrie S is a student in Mrs. Lopez's 3rd Grade Class