Goosebumps - Scream of the Evil Genie

Written by R.L. Stine

Reviewed by George G (age 10)

Scream of the Evil Genie is about a kid that opens a soda pop and a Genie comes out and gives him three wishes . You get to pick the first wish. The wishes are being the richest person in the wrold, the best looking kid, or something else then riches or good looks. If you wont to know how it ends then read this book: THE SCREAM OF THE EVIL GENIE.

I liked the book Scream of the Evil Genie because when you make the first wish, you don't know what's going to happen. Then when you get to the second wish then you get nervous. Then you start to think if you should make the second wish or not. After every wish the genie looks meaner and gets meaner. My favorite part was when the kid was a preschooler's favorite tv show. He wished he was famous, but when he got his wish then he wished it didn't happen. This was a chapter book and didn't have any illustrations. This book reminded me of other books by R.L. Stine because at the bottom of each page there are directions about where to read next.

I liked this book and I have read other books by this author. Kids that have good imaginations would also like this book. Kids that like to read scary books would also like this book.

George G is a student in Mr. Hodges' 5th Grade Class