We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story:The Wildest Show On Earth

Written by Francine Hughes • Illustrated by Francine Hughs

Reviewed by Skyler S. (age 7)

This book is about a dinosaur named Rex. Rex landed on Earth from a spaceship coming from outer space. They landed in a town coming down from parachutes. Rex and his friends are nice dinosaurs, however, people are afraid of them. For example, once there was a parade in town. Rex and his friends decided to join in the parade. The dinosaurs did this because they wished to become people. Since the people were afraid of them, that made them mean to the dinosaurs and during the parade, the people ran away.

I liked the magic in this story. I think that boys and girls can learn the lesson to be kind to others by reading this book,as it is not nice to be unkind to others. People can also learn to know other people better before deciding what kind of people they are. I also thought that the pictures went well with the story. You will want to read this book because it has make-believe and magic, but puts it together with things that happen in real life.

Skyler S. is a student in Mrs. Garn's 2nd Grade Class