The Little Engine That Could

Written by Watty Piper
Illustrated by George & Doris Hauman

Reviewed by Nicholas H. (age 8)

In the beginning there was a happy little train. She wanted to carry food, toys and books to the good little boys and girls that lived over the mountain. Her engine broke, and her wheels wouldn't turn. Along came a passenger train. A clown asked him to help. He wouldn't help. Along came an old train. He was so tired! He could not help. Next came a happy little blue train. He didn't know if he could pull the train over the hill or not. But he tried his best. He said, "I think I can." and he pulled the train over the mountain. I am like the little blue train. I try real hard I can do things, like play basketball and throw the frisbee.

I liked the pictures! They were so beautiful. I liked the clown because he was nice. It was a good story. I think everyone should read it especially my mom and dad. They could read it to me.

Nicholas H. is a student in Mrs. B.'s 3rd - 5th Grade