The King, the Mice, and the Cheese

Written by Nancy & Eric Gurney

Reviewed by Josef W. (age 8)

This story is about the king who loves cheese. There are wise men who send him cheese. The whole entire kingdom could smell the cheese. Everyone could smell the cheese. Even the mice could smell the cheese. They charge to the castle because they could smell the cheese. The mice had a big feast and ate all the cheese. The king felt mad. The king called for the wise men to get rid of the mice. The wise men called for the cats, some were fat, some were small, some were skinny, and some were tall. The cats had a big chase. The mice ran and ran. The cats had a nice time in the palace. They were eating the king's food and resting on his pillows. The king was very mad. He had to call his wise men. They had an idea to get rid of the cats. So, they let out dogs, some were fat, some were skinny, some were small, and some were tall. The dogs had a big chase. So the dogs chased the cats away from the palace. The dogs had a great, great time in the palace. There was a lot of food and they were resting on the kings couch. The king was very, very mad. The king called for his wise men and they had an idea to get rid of the dogs. If you want to find out how to get rid of the dogs you will have to read the book. Then you will know how the King became happy again.

My favorite part of the story is when lions were having a good time eating and swimming in the palace. It was funny to see lions swimming. The cats chasing the mice reminds me of the cartoon Tom and Jerry. I thought this book was hilarious because the cats start chasing the mice, the dogs start chasing the cats. Each animal chases the next animal.

I recommend this book to everyone in America because it is super funny. I think adults should read this book too.

Josef W. is a student in Ms. Patton's Reading Class