Josephina's Surprise

Written by Valerie Tripp
Illustrated by Jean-Paul Tibbles

Reviewed by Traci J. (age 8)

Last year, Josefina was supposed to get a doll named Nina. Each year, Josefina's mother passes the doll down to the next girl in the family. But this year, Josefina did not get the doll because mama was not there to make a new dress for her. Mama died and Clara, one of Josefina's sisters says that she lost Nina! Josefina is so sad that she can't even be in the play that she's supposed to be in. Finally she decides to be brave and you'll see what happens next. When Clara said said she lost Nina she reminded me of myself because I lose a lot of my stuff! I love the pictures in the book because they are so realistic like pictures taken with a camera. I also really like the writing style. I recommend this book to people who like books that are a little bit serious and people who think Spanish people are interesting.
Traci J. is a student in Joanne's 3rd Grade Class