Town Mouse Country Mouse

Written by Jan Brett
Illustrated by Jan Brett

Reviewed by Joanna C. (age 10)

Do you like mice? Well this is a story about a town mouse and a country mouse. The town mouse's name is Milly. The country mouse's name is Tilly. This is a story about Tilly and Milly. Tilly was going to get her mail then she got a letter from Milly. It says dear Tilly I'm coming to see you today. I've never been to the country before so it will be a big adventure! love, Milly. She went home runing she was so excited she made cabbage soup, roasted chestnuts, cherry turnovers and bread, seed cake, plum dumplings and hot apple pie.

I could not stop reading this book and I could not let go of the book because I liked the story so much.

I recommend this book to the people that like adventure books.

I liked this book because it is an adventure. My favorite characters are Milly and Tilly. My favorite part is when they eat because I like eating too. This story reminds me of the first time I went to California because it was my first time in California and I really like it. The story made me feel happy.

Joanna C. is a student in Ms. Keeton's 5th Grade Class