The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Written by Jon Scieszka • Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewed by Ji Hye I. (age 7) and Danny W. (age 7)

There was a big bad wolf who wanted sugar for his grandma's cake because it was his grandma's birthday. He always went to the pigs house for sugar and blew their houses up. When he blew their houses up one house couldn't get blown up because it was made out of bricks. The police arrested the angry wolf. He went to jail and he still wanted sugar for the cake when he was in jail.

When I (JiHye) read this book it made me think about when a squirrel got hurt at my friend's house because the pigs got hurt and the squirrel got hurt. We liked the illustrations in this book. We recommend this book to everyone in the universe! Everyone should be able to tell their side of the story.

Ji Hye I. and Danny W. are students in Ms. Butler's 2nd Grade Class