A Fairy Called Hilary

Written by Linda Leopold Strauss

Reviewed by Nicholas S. (age 11)

Have you ever heard of a fairy without wings or a wand? Well if you haven't you should read this book. This book is about a fairy who shows up out of nowhere in a family's car. The daughter was just talking about fairies to her family. The only problem is that her family does not believe in fairies. What do you think will happen next? You will have to read the book to figure it out yourself.

I liked this story because it was very, very creative and fun to read. You should like this book if you love fantasy. My favorite character was Hilary. She was a young girl who never wanted to use her magic. She was very creative at her magic. She was my favorite character. This book reminds me of my dog Buddy because when I was little I always believed that my dog was magic because it seemed like he changed sizes before my eyes. This story made me happy. I loved this story.

I recommend this book to the age group of about 7 and up and to anybody who loves fiction and fantasy.

Nicholas S. is a student in Ms. Keeton's 5th Grade Class