There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

Written by Simms Taback • Illustrated by Simms Taback

Reviewed by Kevin S. (age 9) and Tyler M. (age 9)

The lady swallowed a fly. She swallowed the fly by accident. Then she swallowed the spider. She swallowed the spider on purpose. What kind of fly do you think she swallowed? What do you think she swallowed next? Do you think she got fat or not? On some pages there are mysteries. You need to find out the mysteries. On the back of the book there are names of flies. At the end of the book is something to see.

Kevin likes the book because the old lady swallowed bugs. Tyler likes the book because the old lady died. Kevin does not like the pictures, because she eats animals. Tyler likes the pictures in the book. Tyler likes the dog in the book. We do not like the illustrator, because the lady gets fat.

Tyler and I will recommend this book to someone who likes animals. You should read this book because it is funny. We think fourth graders should read this book. We love animals.

Kevin S. and Tyler M. are members in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Saturday Reading Club (2002-2003)