Mickey Meets the Giant

Written by Walt Disney
Illustrated by Walt Disney

Reviewed by Kelly H. (age 9)

Mickey the Woodcutter found a pretty town called Cedar Grove. Mickey went to make his axe sharp. The people of the town were afraid because the Big Ugly Giant was coming their way. A man told Mickey about the giant. The giant walked through houses, whistled, and blew people out of their beds. Mickey decides he needed the biggest round cheese he could find. He went into a dark cave. He sat down on a rock, but it wasn?t really a rock. It was the giant?s foot. Mickey said hello to the giant. He told the giant he would battle him. The giant pulled the biggest tree up and slammed it on the hilltop. The giant runs away from Mickey because he was scared when Mickey squeezed the biggest cheese.

I liked this book because Mickey battles with the giant. It made me feel glad because Mickey was a hero. Mickey reminds me of my mom when she does stuff for me.

I recommend this book to my mom because it is a very cool book.

Kelly H. is a student in Miss Kennedy's 3rd Grade Class