No Jumping on the Bed!

Written by Tedd Arnold • Illustrated by Tedd Arnold

Reviewed by Callan H. (age 7)

This is about a kid who likes to jump on his bed. His dad tells him not to but he does anyway. He jumps so much that he and the bed fall through the floor and then through the whole building. But it is only a dream. He wakes up in his room again.

I recommend this book to kids who like to jump on the bed. They should read this book because it's very funny because the kid has a very funny dream.

Kids and grown-ups should read this book and you should read it because it also might make a good bedtime story. You might love this book because it is very fun to read. If you like it then you should read more books by Tedd Arnold. They're fun to read. You'll like them all very much.

I think this book is great because I am also a kid who likes to jump on the bed. I would read this book a lot if I had it. I would also read it on the weekends in the morning. I like the part when he falls through the building and just wakes up in his room because it's only a dream.

Callan H. is a student in Karen's 2nd Grade Class