What Makes a Car Go?

Written by Sophy Tahta
Illustrated by Stuart Trotter

Reviewed by Austin R. (age 8)

This is a non-fiction book about cars and what makes them go. This book will tell you the parts of a car, what is inside the engine, all about fuel and energy, Formula One, dragsters and rally racing cars. Did you know that the longest car was 30 meters (100 feet) long? Read the book to find out more about cars.

I liked this book. It is interesting because it is for learning. The pictures are very detailed. You can learn a lot just by looking at the pictures. My favorite part of this book is the dragsters because they are loud.

I recommend this book to anybody who likes cars. This book shows you how to make a car. It is an interesting book to read. I especially liked the part about dragsters.

Austin R. is a student in Mrs. Peterson's 3rd Grade Class