The Napping House

Written by Audrey Wood
Illustrated by Don Wood

Reviewed by Jaclyn P. (age 8)

It started when there was a house that everyone was sleepy in. There was a bed and it was cozy. On that bed there was a granny. She was in the cozy bed napping all day. The boy went to go to sleep on top of the granny. Will they sleep all day? Read the book to find out what happens next.

I liked this story because I liked the illustrator's pictures. I think this story is funny because all the animals keep piling up on top of the granny. I think it is pretty to see the rainbow at the end. I think this story reminds me of me because I like to go to sleep with my mom and dad.

I think some kids would like this story because it is funny to see the granny break the bed. It is also funny to see what people are doing when they are sleepy.

Jaclyn P. is a student in Mrs. Peterson's 3rd Grade Class