The Lorax

Written by Dr. Suess
Illustrated by Dr. Suess

Reviewed by Robert H. (age 8)

This is a fiction story. This book is about people that make thneeds. They cut down truffula trees to make thneeds and there is not much more food for the barbaloots. The Lorax has to send them away. They cut down the last tree of them all at the end of the story. If you want to find out what else goes wrong, read this story.

My opinion of The Lorax is it is a great story. It teaches a lesson about the environment. My favorite part is when the Lorax pops out of the tree. Another great part of the story is when the first thneed is made. I enjoyed reading this story.

You should read The Lorax because it is a great story. It is a great story because it has funny characters. It is interesting because you never know what the oncler will do next. So read this great story.

Robert H. is a student in Mrs. Peterson's 3rd Grade Class