Mummies and Pyramids

Written by Mary Pope Osborne
Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Daniel R. (age 11)

Mummies and Pyramids illustration will appear here.

Mummies and Pyramids is basically telling you about the Ancient Egypt Religion and the gods and there so called ?powers? and what they rule over, the Underworld, etc. The main gods are RAH the sun god and OSIRIS god of the dead. It also tells you how their houses were designed, beds, seats etc. I learned the gods? names and what they ruled over. The Illustrations were really cool and weird.

Mummies and pyramids is a book for people who like history like me. This book?s telling you how they lived and how to make mummies and how long it took to make pyramids. The book also tells you all about the Egyptian gods.

Daniel R. is a member in PAL - New South Bronx's The Rockerfellers aka Los Chocolates (2001-2002)