The Day I was Rich

Written by Bill Cosby
Illustrated by Varnette P. Honeywood

Reviewed by Jeremy O. (age 10)

The Day I was Rich illustration will appear here.

Have you ever thought you found a diamond? Well, this little boy did. Bill thinks he found a diamond while he was playing a game called stick-can hockey. But when he showed his father the "diamond" he found out he was wrong. It wasn't a diamond it was a paperweight. A paperweight is something you put on paper so the paper doesn't fly away.

There are big ideas in the story like don't jump to conclusions before you know what it really is. That's what little Bill learned - not the easy way but the hard way. Know the facts before talking.

All of the illustrations show little Bill with his friends or father. The drawings are artistic. They match the story and show detail. Lots and lots of detail! It shows that little Bill and his friends thought they found a diamond but they just wasted their energy because it wasn?t really a diamond.

It teaches you lessons. Fun to read, very good illustration. Good for little kids also NO VIOLENCE. Just the right book for kids like us. My favorite part in the book was when little Bill found out he was wrong it wasn't a diamond it was a paperweight. That's my favorite part because of the expression on his face. He looked so funny. That was the best part.

Me, my brother and my cousin thought we found a diamond. We didn't, we found the inside of a rock. We were so disappointed. After that we just sat down and talked to each other. We didn't know what to do. Not until we got home. I felt sad for them because they didn't find what they thought they did. But at the same time I don't feel sad, because they jump to conclusions. You're not supposed to jump to conclusions. It also made me feel happy because it was funny at some times like the expression on little Bill's face.

I recommend this book to all kids because it teaches not to jump to conclusions. Believe me with every conclusion there comes a set back. That's what you need to learn. Little Bill learned not to jump into conclusion; you will find that out as you read the book. Well that's the end of my review. I hope you read the book and you learn something from it. Well - until next time.

Jeremy O. is a member in PAL - New South Bronx's The New South Bronx #1 Players (2001-2002)