Abuela's Weave

Written by Omar S. Castaneda
Illustrated by Enrique O. Sanchez

Reviewed by Curtis J. (age 10)

Abuela's Weave illustration will appear here.

The story was about a girl named Esperanza who makes weave and sells clothes to people who live in the city. She makes money for her and her grandmother. They live in a family compound and they travel from city to city selling clothes. They were pulling back weave because they were making things to sell because they needed money.

The story was in color and it was not black and white. It will make kids read this book because it is a good book for kids. It's a good book for people and kids to read. The main idea is a little girl making weave with her grandmother. My favorite part was when Esperanza goes to the city to sell her clothes to the people. It was my favorite part because she was traveling and I will like to travel. The character was in a family compound. I liked all of the characters.

I liked the book because it was about a grandmother with her granddaughter making weave. I think the illustration did a good job on the pictures. They don't have the same pictures. It makes me wonder if I will do it with my grandmother. I recommend this book to all of the 9-12 year olds because it's a good book for us 9-12 year olds.

Curtis J. is a member in PAL - New South Bronx's The New South Bronx #1 Players (2001-2002)