Catcher with a Glass Arm

Written by Matt Christopher

Reviewed by Shania R. (age 11)

Catcher with a Glass Arm illustration will appear here.

The book catcher with a glass arm is about a kid named Jody. Jody plays on a baseball team with Frank, Duane, Birdie, Bartho, and Monnie. Jody?s the pitcher . Ever since Jody got hit with a baseball while batting, he has had problems with batting. Jody would always step back when it was time to hit the ball. Jody was teased especi when the day came when Monnie?s father was up to bat and the pitch was in Monnie?s father steped back. How do you think Jody recovered from stepping back? He practiced.

I would recommend this book to everyone who has or use to have a problem with a sport, because you will know how it feels.

There?s parts of this book I liked and I didn?t, but I wouldn?t exactly say it?s whack. There was just parts of the book that weren?t needed.

Shania R. is a member in Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center's AK2 (2001-2002)