If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Written by Laura Numeroff • Illustrated by Felicia Bond

Reviewed by Ashley H. (age 6)

This book is about a boy who gives a mouse a cookie. This makes the mouse thinks of many other things he wants. At the end of the book he goes back to the milk and cookie. This is a make believe story as the mouse talks and wears clothes. It is silly!

My favorite part of this book is when the mouse looks in the mirror and he see that he has a milk mustache. This is a very funny part. I liked all the pictures as they are all funny.

This story reminds me of when I saw a little black mouse at my Dad's house that ran away and out the door. I recommend this book because it is a easy book to read and it is a cute story about a little mouse. If you mice, then you might like to read this book.

Ashley H. is a student in Mrs. Alessandro's 1st Grade Class