Boundless Grace

Written by Mary Hoffman
Illustrated by Caroline Binch

Reviewed by Simone L. (age 8)

The main character in this story is a child named Grace. Grace lives with her Ma and Nana. Her parents are divorced. Grace lives in the United States but her Papa lives in Africa.

Grace goes to Africa with Nana to visit her Papa. She isn't being nice to her Papa's wife, Jatou. Grace thinks all stepmothers are mean. Will they ever get along?

Grace learns that no matter what, her Papa is still the same person.

This book is like Amazing Grace because it is the sequel. It also has the same characters, except for her Papa and her family in Africa. In Boundless Grace, the illustrator used bright colors and I really like them. On the cover, the illustrator made it look like she used sponges and I like that style of painting.

My favorite part is when they go into the room with lots of cloths for clothes. They're really bright and have nice designs.

I recommend this book for grades 1 to 3. If you liked Amazing Grace, you would probably like Boundless Grace. If you like books that take place in other countries you would probably like Boundless Grace.

Simone L. is a student in Mrs. Giammusso's 3rd Grade Class