Clifford's Tricks

Written by Norman Birdwell • Illustrated by Norman Birdwell

Reviewed by Juan U. (age 7)

This book is about Clifford's Tricks. There is a girl Emily who plays the jumper. The other girl, Martha has a dog. They are friends. It is a big dog. The story tells about how Clifford tries to be better than Bruno, the dog. First the policemen get so mad at Clifford because he tricks them. Next Clifford gets in a lot of trouble. Finally, Clifford saves Martha and Bruno. The policemen forgive Clifford for smashing the car.

My favorite part is when Clifford tricks the policemen. I like it when Martha is happy at the end of the story when Clifford saves her and Bruno.I really like happy endings and stories about heroes. Clifford is a hero in this story.

I recommend this book because it is a little funny. Kids will like this book if they like dogs. So if you think you might like this book, you can get it in the library.

Juan U. is a student in Ms. Cenci's 1st Grade Class