Harry Potter and the Chamber of Azkaban

Written by J.K. Rowling • Illustrated by marry Grandpre

Reviewed by N.K. (age 8)

This book is about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Arkenzar and his third summer at Hogwarts. In the very beginning, he's confined to his room on his birthday, because some guests had come over, so the Dursly's locked him in his room. Then he went to Ron's house, but the Dursly's found out that Harry couldn't use magic from the Hogwarts.

My reaction and opinion was that I really liked the book a lot. I liked the 1st book, that was good. So I read the 2nd, and that was so good I read the 3rd. That was sooo good, I did a review on it.

My favorite part was when Harry yelled at Madam Pomfrey. This book reminds me of a couple of things in my life. All the Feasts remind me of Thanksgiving, Easter, Birthdays and Christmas.

I would like to recommend this book to people who like magic and excitement.

N.K. is a student in Mrs. Walker's 2nd Grade Class