Morris Goes To School

Written by B. Wiseman • Illustrated by B. Wiseman

Reviewed by Andrew D. (age 7) and Carl G. (age 8)

Morris Goes To School is about a moose that doesn't know how to read, count, or spell. In the first part of the story Morris wants candy, but he went into the fish store to buy some. The man in the store said,"This is not the candy store." So Morris decides to go to school. Miss Fine the teacher tries to teach the class the ABC's. But when Morris hears the letter B, Morris hides under the table and yells "Where is the bee? I'm afraid of bees! They sting." He learns how to count, read and spell, but he doesn't know how to read everything. When he is at school he gets into trouble. He can't read yet so he goes into the girls' bathroom by mistake. However, after school Moris went to the candy store to buy some candy and this time he went to the right store.

Anyone who likes to laugh should read this book. People who like to read books by B. Wiseman should read this book. We like how the illustrator draws the pictures of Morris. They are very funny.

Andrew D. and Carl G. are students in Ms. Salmon's 2nd Grade Class