Snowflake Bentley

Written by Jacqueline Briggs Martin
Illustrated by Mary Azarian

Reviewed by Logan F. (age 8)

This book is a true story about a boy named William Bentley. As a young boy he liked to draw pictures of snowflakes. He looked at snowflakes through a microscope. Other kids thought he was strange. When he got older he took photographs of snowflakes. He learned that a snowflake begins as a tiny speck of snow, I liked that part.

My favorite part was when he learned about how a snowflake is made and how each snowflake is different from every other snowflake. People would never know amazing facts about snowflakes if William Bentley hadn't studied them so much.

The way people felt about William Bentley changed during the book. At the end they appreciated everything he knew and didn't make fun of him any more. William also showed how a person can really persevere and teach others something.

I felt happy at the end of this book because Willian Bentley learned about making snowflakes and people stopped making fun of him.

I liked this book because it was really interesting learning about snowflakes. I think that people in 1st grade through grown-ups would like this book

Logan F. is a student in Mrs. Christy's 3rd Grade Class