I Can See

Written by Adria Klein

Reviewed by SU (age 6)

This story is about things that I can see like the colors of animals. It is about a yellow snake, a brown bear, a red ladybug, a green frog, a black whale and a gray elephant. The most important thing that happens in this book is when they ask, "What can you see?"

My favorite part was when the book says, "What can you see?" because the photos show all the pictures of the animals and it makes me think of an answer. I like all the animals. This book is special because the pictures are very colorful. I do not like when the book shows the snake opening its mouth because that is scary. The pictures in this story were good because they were colorful.

I think anyone who likes colors and animals should read this book. Itzamar in my class would like this book but I don't think some others like Michael would.

SU is a student in Mr. Fulton's Kindergarten Class