George and Martha Rise and Shine

Written by James Marshall • Illustrated by James Marshall

Reviewed by Todd H. (age 8) and Christopher C. (age 8)

George and Marth are very good friends who share adventures, go to movies, go on picnics and study together. They are hippos. George says he is a snake charmer. George tries to impress Martha by fibbing.

We like the book because it's funny. George and Martha are so big and fat they can't hide and funny things happen to them. The pictures were very good because they look like real hippos. It reminds Chris of playing with his friends. I (Todd) like this book and all the other George and Martha books. We really liked this book very much!

We think that everyone should read this book because you will like this book if you like adventures. If you like other George and Martha books you will like this book because it's part of the series.

Todd H. and Christopher C. are students in Ms. Salmon's 2nd Grade Class