Just For You

Written by Mercer Mayer

Reviewed by 's 1st Grade Class

Just For You illustration will appear here.

This book is about Little Critter triing all day long to do something special for his Mom. Some of the special things he did was wash the dishes and mow the lawn. Little Critter wanted to help his mom because she had a lot of things to do. He wanted to help her out and that would make her feel happy.

I like this story because is shows Little Critter being polite. It also reminds me of a time when I helped my PaPa fix the tire on his truck. I like the colorful pictures and you will too.

Kids 5-10 years old will like this book. This book would be good to read before Mother's Day because it will give some good ideas on how to help out your Mom.

Ms. Kachenchai's 1st Grade Class