Arthur's Baby

Written by Marc Brown • Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Brenna O. (age 7) and Ashley S. (age 7)

Arthur's mom was going to have a baby. Arthur's friends made fun of him because they thought Arthur would get 2 or 3 babies. Francine said Arthur will start talking baby talk and Buster said, "Forget about playing after school. You'll have to babysit." Arthur's baby sister Kate was a very cute baby except Arthur was afraid to pick Kate up because she would cry. To find out how it ends, read this book.

What I (Ashley) like about this book is that it brings back memories about me, my brother and my sister because when I was little I cried a lot too. It brings back memories for me (Brenna) because when I went to the hospital I got to see the babies. We like the illustrations because it really shows that Arthur and D.W. were really surprised by getting a baby. We like the illustrations because they look like real cartoons.

I recommend this book because it shows you that babies are very important and whoever likes babies should read this book. If your mom is having a baby you would like to read this book. It's also a good book for moms who are going to have baby.

Brenna O. and Ashley S. are students in Ms. Salmon's 2nd Grade Class