The Shortest Kid in the World

Written by Corinne Demas Bliss • Illustrated by Nancy Poydar

Reviewed by Daniel T. (age 7) and Alissa M. (age 8)

The girl in this book hates being short. People call her names like Shrimp, Peewee, Peanut, and Munchkin. She thinks she?s the shortest kid in the WORLD because she?s the shortest kid in her CLASS.

We would feel bad if we were the shortest kids in our class because kids might call us names. But it doesn?t matter what your size is like fat, skinny, chunky, huge, tiny, light, heavy, or bony. This book says some words in there that sort of make you feel good. If you read the book you will find out the words. If you're short you can still do lots of things like sports, sewing, playing music, and drawing.

You should also read this book if you like surprises.

Daniel T. and Alissa M. are students in Mrs. Mayer's 2nd Grade Class