The New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley; The Case of the Logical I Ranch

Written by Pauline Preiss

Reviewed by Brady S. (age 10)

"We'll solve any crime by dinnertime!" The Case of the Logical I Ranch, is a book about two girls named Mary-Kate and Ashley, who are having trouble finding anything to do over their summer vacation. Then one day their next-door neighbor, Patty, asks them if they would like to go to their uncle's ranch called the Logical I. When they get there, many people started to leave because very strange and unexplainable things started happening. Right then, Mary-Kate and Ashley knew that they had a crime on their hands that needed to be solved, and fast! They met many people along the way to finding the answer to their crime including a man named Dusty. Dusty helped them a lot because he had found a map of the Logical I Ranch. What they find out with the help of the map that Dusty found is something that you will just have to read for yourself. If

The Case of the Logical I Ranch is one of my favorite mystery books. I like this book because it is so suspenseful that you don't want to put it down. My favorite part of the book was when Mary-Kate and Ashley were so bored that they cleaned their rooms, because I've been bored many times too. I also liked the way they expressed the thoughts of each character.

I highly recommend this book to kids between the ages of seven and eleven, and to people who like mysteries and Mary-Kate and Ashley books. This book is a great present to people who like reading books that make your heart pound. The New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley; Case of the Logical I Ranch is a great book that I think everyone should read!

Brady S. is a student in Mrs. Heidt's 4th Grade Class