Ramona and Her Father

Written by Beverly Cleary
Illustrated by Alan Tiegreen

Reviewed by MB (age 10)

Ramona and Her Father illustration will appear here.

One day Ramona came home from school and she remembered that it was "Pay Day" her favorite day. Always on Pay Day her dad brought home something for her and her sister, but today her dad had lost his job because a bigger factory had bought the factory her dad worked at. After that her family changed a bunch. Ramona had thought she would get to spend more time with him, but he was always sweeping or filling out applications. Her mom got a full-time job and was never home. Ramona wanted to be on TV and make a million dollars by telling jokes. Her dad went to her conference and Ramona said that she was going on the playground. While she was out there she made a crown of burs. When they got home Ramona had to have her hair cut to get the burs out. That night the whole family carved out the pumpkin. When they went to church Mrs. Russo said Beezes would you be Mary, and Henry will you be Joseph. When she came to Ramona she asked would you be a lamb. When the night came she went out and her best.

I would recommend this book to 4th grade thru 6th grade, because they could really picture what it was going on.

I think the author wants you to think that what it can be like when one of your family members losses their job. I feel that if I was in that position it would be hard, and difficult. My favorite part was when she got the burs in her hair. I feel that the book would make a great movie and a TV commercial.

MB is a student in Mrs. Hinkley's 5th/6th Grade Class