Fourth Grade Weirdo

Written by Martha Freeman

Reviewed by Rebecca O. (age 9)

If you think another kid in your class is a weirdo, and not you, you could be the weirdo and not know it! After I read the book Fourth Grade Weirdo it made me think maybe I am the weirdo, not the kid I think is the weirdo. When the boy is in school, he knows another kid is, but as soon as he gets called a blockhead, he knows he is the weirdo. What happens after this? Well, it all gets good so I will not tell you a thing. You will have to read this book.

I like this book because it shows what some kids think about each other and because the boy in this book is put in a good place and given a good character. I felt very different at some parts of the book like sometimes I felt sorry for the boy and sometimes not. When girls started calling him blackhead I wondered if they all really liked him. I loved the end of the book. Some kids are trying to chase somebody so they are running all over the school! I think this book is special because the author turns herself into a kid and tells about how the boy feels.

I think this book would be good for fourth to seventh graders. If you think a kid in your class is a weirdo, this book would be a good one for you.

Rebecca O. is a student in Ms. Gretchen's 4th Grade Class