Pal the Pony

Written by R.A. Herman • Illustrated by Betina Ogden

Reviewed by Stephanie Y. (age 8) and Elena R. (age 8)

Pal the pony tried to do everything a horse does but he couldn't. He was too little. He felt sad. Poor Pal he couldn't do anything. Just then a girl saw such a good pony. The cowboy asked her if she wanted a ride. Find out if Pal the pony becomes a star.

If you like Ponies we recommend that you read this book. We think kids should read this book because they'll see that they can do something in life.

We like this book because Pal the pony is little and cute. This book reminds me (Stephanie) of going to the farm and seeing horses.

Stephanie Y. and Elena R. are students in Ms. Collins' 2nd Grade Class