The Wish

Written by Gail Carson Levine

Reviewed by Chloe N. (age 11)

The Wish illustration will appear here.

The Wish is a book about a girl named Wilma Sturtz who is not popular. Luckily, she runs into a witch who grants her one wish. Wilma wishes she was the most popular girl at Claverford Junior High, and magically, she is! She has forty-two dates to the Grad Night dance, and boys are even writing her poetry! Then she begins to worry if "The Wish" will last three weeks until her graduation night. "Will the The Wish end or stay?" Wilma asks herself every night. You will have to read the book to find out if Wilma is just popular at Claverford, or if she will be popular at Elliott too, her future high school.

I liked this book because it is both serious and humorous at times. It's also realistic because wanting to be popular is something most girls wish for. My favorite character is Wilma because she reminds me of my best friend, Krissy. They are both quiet at times and are good friends to others. My least favorite part of the story is when Wilma's teacher reads her essay aloud to the class, and Wilma is embarrassed.

I recommend this book to girls fifth grade or older because they can relate to Wilma and her problems. When I first began reading this book, I thought it was just about a bunch of girls bragging about how cool they were. When I read on, I realized this story is about a lot more than that. You'll see what I mean once you read the book too.

Chloe N. is a student in Mrs. Elliott's 5th Grade Class