Grandpa's Teeth

Written by Rod Clement • Illustrated by Rod Clement

Reviewed by Amanda I. (age 7) and Jessica S. (age 7)

This is a story about a grandpa whose teeth got robbed. Everyone had to smile to show that they did not rob Grandpa's teeth. Grandpa's family and the police put posters all over town of Grandpa's teeth because he needed his teeth back to talk normal. The posters told the people the teeth were missing and what the teeth looked like. If someone found them they could return them.

We like this book. It is funny because everywhere everyone went they had to smile and because Grandpa talked like this: "It'TH a disTHasTHer!!" He talked like that because he didn't have teeth in his mouth.

This book reminds me (Jessica) of the book The Mystery of the Missing Tooth, because the girl could not find her teeth. This book reminds me (Amanda) of The Tale of the Tooth Fairy because that book is about teeth and Grandpa's Teeth is about teeth too.

We recommend this book to people who like mysteries and to people who like to laugh and smile. Read this book to find out how Grandpa solved the problem and what happened to Grandpa's teeth.

Amanda I. and Jessica S. are students in Mrs. Mayer's 2nd Grade Class