A Horse Called Starfire

Written by Betty Boegehold • Illustrated by Neil Waldman

Reviewed by Lauren F. (age 7) and Ariel S. (age 8)

Trot! Trot! There goes a horse named Estrella with her man from Spain. They go on a boat trip with other men and horses to the new land. When they get to the new land, Estrella's man gets left behind. He gets sick and dies. Estrella runs away. Some Native Americans hear her coming toward them. They catch her. Now Estrella is called Starfire. See what happens when the Native Americans bring Starfire back to their village.

We like this book because we like horses and Native Americans. We think the book has beautiful drawings.

We recommend you read this if you like horses and Native Americans too.

Lauren F. and Ariel S. are students in Ms. Collins' 2nd Grade Class