The Bremen-Town Musicians

Written by Retold by Ruth Belov
Illustrated by Jack Kent

Reviewed by J.G.G. (age 8) and S.C.G. (age 8)

Once there were four animals who ran away from their masters and mistresses because they wnated to kill the animals. So, they all decided to go to the town called Bremen to be musicians. One night when they were going to rest in the forest, they found a house, but it had robbers living there. So, they thought of scaring them away. Finally, the cat, dog, donkey, and rooster lived happily ever after in their new home and never became musicians in Bremen.

Our favorite part is when the cat scratched the robber's face and he thought it was a witch with long nails. It's funny that he got so scared. The illustrations are very nice because the artist draws very well. We like the story because the pictures look cool.

We think all kids should read this story. What happens to one of the robbers makes this story very funny.

J.G.G. and S.C.G. are students in Mrs. Gudino's 3rd Grade Class