Written by Janell Cannon • Illustrated by Janell Cannon

Reviewed by Nicole S. (age 7)

One night Stellaluna and her bat mother went flying. Suddenly they were attacked by an owl. Stellaluna fell into a bird's nest. She had to act like a bird. She slept at night, she ate bugs instead of fruit. She wants her mom back. She finally gets her mom back and learns how to be a bat. She still stays friends with her bird friends. I liked how this book shows how friends can be different.

My favorite part was when Stellaluna meets her mother again. I like stories that have happy endings. I liked how Stellaluna had fun with her mom. It reminded me how I like it when my dad plays with me.

I recommend this book to everyone that likes good stories about animals.

Nicole S. is a student in Mrs. Knoop's 2nd Grade Class