Jingle Bugs

Written by David A. Carter • Illustrated by David A. Carter

Reviewed by Vincent G. (age 7)

This book is all about Christmas bugs. Some bugs hide in the decorations. Some bugs hide in a chimney. Some bugs hide in a stocking and some hide in an envelope. Some bugs hide in a bow and in some presents. Some bugs hide in a wreath and in a jar of cookies. Some bugs are in Santa's presents. One bug is a star on the Christmas tree.

I like the book Jingle Bugs because there is a surprise on every page. On each page there is a tag to pull up or a plasitc tag to pull down or a picture to lift. When you pull the tag there's a surprise on every page.

I recommend this book to first and second graders. They would like the illustrations. They might like this book because when you open the book and you pull the tag a bug comes out. Younger children would also like listening to this story and looking at the illustrations.

Vincent G. is a student in Mrs. O'Hanlon's 2nd Grade Class