Before the Bell

Written by K Thorpe
Illustrated by J Cnristy

Reviewed by Nathalie R. (age 8)

Have you ever heard of Neverland? Well thereís a series about it. Here is one of the bookís. Gabby, her sister, her sisterís two friends find a path way to Neverland. Itís the first day of school. Before school they go to Neverland they meet a fairy named Spinner. Heís always telling stories heís really good at it. When they got home Gabby from Neverland she opened her backpack she found Spinner! After that nothing good happens?!

I like this book very much. It was adventurous. Spinner is my favorite character because he makes a little trouble and so do I. My favorite part was when Spinner comes out of his hiding spot and bad things start to happen. I feel connected to some of the things Spinner does.

I rate this book 4Ĺ out of 5,ages 7-10,and people who believe in fairies.

Nathalie R. is a student in Mrs. Lombardi's 3rd Grade Class