Teasing Dad

Written by Annette Smith • Illustrated by Isabel Lowe

Reviewed by Mia C.C. (age 7)

Sam and Rachel and Mom and Dad are at the beach. Sam was building a ditch. Rachel was building a sand castle. Mom took some pictures of the sand castle. They do something surprising to Dad. Sam got a bucket of water. Rachel said, “Let’s get Dad wet!” “Okay.” said Sam. They got Dad wet. It is a little funny and a little surprising. To find out what happens, read the book.

My favorite character is Rachel. I like the sand castle that she made. The book reminds me of when I went to the beach. I made a sand castle. My favorite part is when the kids got Dad wet. The book was funny. The kids are naughty. The book is very good.

If you are a person that likes the beach, I think you will like this book. If you are a sneaky person, you would also like this book. I think 1st and 2nd graders will like this book.

Mia C.C. is a student in Pam's and Elissa's 2nd Grade Class