Freckle Juice

Written by Judy Blume • Illustrated by Sonia O. Lisker

Reviewed by Clorissa P. (age 8)

Freckle Juice is about a boy named Andrew Marcus. He wanted some freckles because Nicky Lane had freckles. Sharon made Andrew pay fifty cents and then she gave him the recipe for freckle juice. This juice was supposed to give him freckles. He didn't like it! It made him sick. He had a magic marker. But it was blue! He dabbed it on his face. He went to school with blue marks on his face.

I liked this book. It was a funny story. People tried to trick other people to get money. My favorite part is when Andrew got sick because it was funny. It made me laugh a lot. My favorite character was Andrew. He believed in Sharon, but he got fooled.

I recommend this book because it made me laugh! I think every age kid would enjoy this book. It's not very long but it's good.

Clorissa P. is a student in Mrs. Weidemann's 2nd Grade through 3rd Grade Class