The Boy with the Bronze Axe

Written by Kathleen Fidler
Illustrated by Edward Mortelmans

Reviewed by Estelle N. (age 11)

One day long ago there was a boy and a girl. The boy named Brockan and the girl named Kali were going out for limpets and get trapped. Then a stranger in a boat and with an axe saves them. Everyone except Kali and Brockan are scared of the stranger. Will this stranger help the tribe or will he be an enemy?

I think The Boy with the Bronze Axe is a great book because there are a lot of cliffhangers and exciting moments. I like it because it is an interesting book and has a lot of adventures. My favorite part is when Kali, Brockan, and Tenko get the dead tree from the cave. I like that part because that means Skara is going to have another boat and weapons.

There are also illustrations. I think the illustrations are really good and interesting. At first they were only black lines and it just looked like lines everywhere, but they turned into a beautiful drawing.

This is not like any other book I read. The Boy with the Bronze Axe takes place a long time ago and I usually read books from the modern days. A reader or audience would like this book if they liked history.

Estelle N. is a student in Ms. Daigle's 5th Grade Class